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Perdita Reyes doesn’t remember her life before becoming the leader of the Lost Ones, but it doesn’t bother her, most of the time. Her days on the Forgotten Isles are carefree and full of exploring, playing games, and honing her skills with a sword until notorious pirate, James P. Darling, pays her a visit.   

In order to save the Lost Ones, Perdita is forced into a wager with Darling. He has seven days to get Perdita to kiss him. If he wins the wager, she’ll be shanghaied into joining his crew. Despite Perdita’s attempts to distance herself from Darling, they bond during their quest to secure a legendary treasure. She starts to remember her life before the Lost Ones and realizes she and Darling may have more in common than she thought. Perdita must decide if she can trust Darling and hasn’t fallen for one of his games or if her true family is with the Lost Ones, whom she’s sworn to protect.        

LOST BEYOND THE STARS is a own voices story inspired by James Barrie's Peter Pan told through the lens of my own lost Taino (indigenous Caribbean) heritage.   

Status: Editing 

Other Projects: 


Twins, Eva and Felix Torres don't know they're brujx until they go to live with their aunts in New York City. After an unfortunate accident, Felix disappears and Eva must call on the magic she's afraid to use in order to rescue her brother. She must decide what kind of witch she is and how she'll use her magic. 

Status: Drafting


Gwen is an extraordinary witch longing for an ordinary life. She’s doing just fine until she meets Eli Young, a chivalrous vampire living in the French Quarter of New Orleans. As much as Gwen wants her life to remain unchanged, fate has other plans. Her world is flipped upside down after using dark magic to save Eli from an unfortunate accident, resulting in expected changes to their relationship and to Gwen’s magic. Gwen must learn to control her magic and her heart or risk losing herself.

Status: Revising

If any of these projects peak your interest, don't be shy! Contact me and we can chat.

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